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The 1 Thing You Need To Know Before You Buy A Used Car in McAllen!

The 1 Thing You Need To Know Before You Buy A Used Car in McAllen!

Okay, you’ve already decided you’re going to buy a used car in McAllen . It makes great sense and the savings over a new car are clear. You’ve done the calculations. You’ve narrowed down your choices.

“But, what’s the number thing you need to know before you sign on the dotted line? Here’s where too many people in the Rio Grande Valley make the worst mistake,” Angel Trevino, owner of Trevino’s Auto Mart , one of the best-known used car dealers in South Texas, explained.

The answer is simple, according to Trevino. Know who you’re buying the car from! It’s that easy, but it’s the most important decision in your search for a great used car.

“There’s a lot of cars available. Some dealers have a huge inventory , so it’s easy to get distracted,” Trevino added. “That’s where some people get lost and forget to find out who they’re buying the car from.”

“If you were buying your grandmother’s three-year old car, you know you can trust that she’s kept up with the maintenance,” Trevino pointed out. “You know she hasn’t been in an accident. You know she hasn’t been using the car for illegal street racing at 2 a.m. on the weekends.”

You might even consider buying from a used car dealer like CarMax, Carvana, or the other local big car stores, but do you know them? The person you deal with at those franchise car dealers may not be there when you have a problem after you’ve bought the car. The salesperson, the finance manager, the general manager, the service manager. They might all be gone and new people in the next time you go. They won’t know you. There’s no “owner” at CarMax you can speak to.

Every time you go to Trevino’s Auto Mart , you’re going to deal with the Trevino family team.

Trevino’s Auto Mart has been an Hidalgo County institution for nearly 30 years. In all those years, they’ve been careful in which cars they put on their lot. Every car that leaves their dealership has the Trevino logo on it, for instance. That’s something they’re proud of, and they want everyone to know that they stand behind their cars.

If you ever have a problem with your car from Trevino’s Auto Mart , you’re going to deal with the same people, every single time. As a result, every time you refer someone to Trevino’s Auto Mart , they’ll deal with the same people you dealt with.

Remember that Number One Rule: Know who you buy a used car in McAllen from! Maybe that’s where you should start and go directly to Trevino’s Auto Mart first to start finding the car you want.