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The 1 Thing You Need To Know Before You Buy A Used Car in McAllen!

Okay, you’ve already decided you’re going to buy a used car in McAllen. It makes great sense and the savings over a new car are clear. You’ve done the calculations. You’ve narrowed down your choices. “But, what’s the number thing you need to know before you sign on the dotted line? Here’s where too many […]


CarMax VS Trevinos Auto Mart: CarMax Enter The South Texas Market, But Do Some Research Before You Go

CarMax VS Trevinos Auto Mart – You like convenience, right? Everyone likes convenience. And that’s just what used car dealers like CarMax promise. It’s easy and straightforward. You don’t have aggressive salespersons pushing you to buy overpriced vehicles. There’s no haggling. The price on the sticker is what you pay. So, what’s the problem with […]